An Appeal From A Helpless Syrian: Rape & Abuse Of Syrian Females

January 22nd 2013, by Rooni, in Syria.

“I don’t know who you are, reading this right now. I dare not ask you to put yourself in a what ifsituation where this happens to someone you know. It is far too awful even for imagination to grasp. I ask of you, if you, just as I, do not have the power to stop this, raise awareness; condemn the violence; stand firm against it; and do not, please, I beg of you, do not be silenced by fear, nonchalance, or whatever your reasons may be. If not by a protest, then tell your friends. If not by a petition to your government asking them for support, then tweet about it, Facebook it, blog about it; do something, anything. You alone have a voice, and along with other voices, you make an echo loud enough to generate a difference. Be that difference. It does not end with just your voice, but it starts with it.”

Read more here.

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