Tot ziens Amsterdam, Ahlan wa sahlan Rabat!

Wow, so the time has come to say goodbye to Amsterdam for the next four months. Leaving my home in Amsterdam behind, that my very friendly (at least he appeared like that during our email contact) subtenant Hamish from Australia will take care off, and also leaving all my friends behind. Feels a little strange to know that I won’t be able to be a big part in their lives during the next months. And then most of them will graduate whereas I will still study one more year. But that is far in the future.

For now I can say that I had an amazing weekend in Amsterdam and it makes me very nostalgic about leaving this beautiful city in the rain behind.

Who knows what will happen? Now I hope that I will have a great time in Morocco which will definitely include better weather than Amsterdam has provided me with so far. What will I learn? Who will I meet? All questions I’m thinking a lot about at the moment.But I am very optimistic. I heard so many good stories about Morocco from other students who went there. Years ago, when I was about 10/11 I spent two beautiful weeks with my parents in that fascinating country which made me just fall in love with it and  its welcoming people. Rabat, here I come!

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