Not the week in which Moroccan men left the best impression….

Now that my first month in Rabat is over and I feel like I know my way around, sometimes I’m still surprised of how things are going. I think I have never before been thinking that often: You cannot be serious?! Morocco is schizophren and full with paradoxes. For most of the time, I’m fascinated by this country and by the city of Rabat, but other times all I am is annoyed. And that has its reasons, as you can read here.

First, a car at tram stop lets me cross the street in the pouring rain. I’m wearing my scarf as headscarf to not get completely wet, it’s dark, you can hardly see my face. I lift my hand to thank the driver without even looking at him. Nevertheless, this gesture makes him feel inclined to follow me home, stop his car five times, either talk through the open window or even to get out to ask if “Mademoiselle” wants to join him for a ride. No, she doesn’t. Seriuosly and for real not. And lifting her hand was nooooot an expression of interest. Doesn’t matter how often you keep on asking. And NO, it’s not charming to follow girls home.

Advice 1: Don’t follow girls home, they really and honestly don’t like that and it will never ever increase your chances. 

Next, accidently or not that accidently I happened to have a coffee in a café where prostitutes find their customers. How come you got there, might some of you wonder, long story short, I just tagged along and apparently openly gay men go with out with prostitutes when they meet other people. Why not always have a hooker as alibi with you?

As prostitution in Morocco is illegal, these ladies have to find different ways of telling people about their profession so that you can tell from the clothes, the make-up and the way of walking (not talking about the pink, cherry cigarettes that also make everything smell like a brothel) what certain women are doing. However, seeing the old and fat men who sitting in that café and making deals with the whores, was the worst. After, Oh my God she looks like a prostitute, to ok, she IS a prostitute and another one and another one to he looks at her as if he wants to buy something. Then you slowly got the feeling, ok, this is really disgusting. And then, definitely time to leave, OMG I don’t know where I should look anymore, because in every corner there is an old man who stares at you the second that you look in his direction.

Sorry, but this is hundred times worse than the Red Light District. As if making prostitution illegal has ever helped to decrease the number of prostitutes (and men who go to them).

Then, again on the way back from the tram stop, a car follows me, stops in front of me and the driver gets out. He ignores my evil stare and tries to speak French to me. Nope, I don’t speak French for you, Sir. Because I seriously don’t want to speak anything with you. Expressing my “happiness” about his attention with imshi (go away), la (no), and yallah (gooo!!) with corresponding gestures, he tries one last time with asking for just one minute of my time. NOO. Really not. I just keep on walking and he finally gets back into his car and drives off, but not without shouting “Baby, you are so cool”. Yeah, I can show you how cool I am and punch you in the face, next time you feel like favouring me with your attention. Seriously, who the fuck shit in your brain? How come that the majority of men here (there are exceptions, thank God, there are exceptions) feels like their god’s (or allah’s) gift to womankind?

Advice 2: If you see a girl that you like (and no, just BEING a girl doesn’t count as reason for liking her), always remember: you’re not as hot as you think you are.

Advice 3: You’re not increasing your chances if you ignore what she wants. If she doesn’t look at you, probability is high that she also doesn’t want to talk to you. If she tells you to go away or fuck off in whatever language (as she might also return to German to tell you what she thinks about you), she really means it, so better go right away. (Continuous annoyance can lead to outbreaks of violence in usually peaceful people).

Advice 4: Think for one second: Would you like it if other guys would treat your sister like that? (For some of the older ones who seem to have forgotten their age, would you want your daughter to be treated like that?) And for all of you: Would you like your Mom to see you behaving like this?

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