Argan oil does not quite work like sunscreen…

…but instead makes you look like a crab. With the colour of a dead (=boiled) lobster. Maybe dead lobster is a more appropriate description anyways.
How did I find out about this important issue? Learning-by-doing, you know….

Agadir. Beeeeaaach. Sun. Sea. Blue skies (sometimes hidden behind clouds).

Travelling with overweight bags to Morocco made me decide to leave unimportant stuff like sunscreen at home, because I would not need it in February anyways. Until the Easterbreak in which I travelled to Marrakech I postponed buying sunscreen because for the weather in Rabat it wasn’t a pressing need (politely expressed). In Marrakech, well, there was a chance, but it looked very expensive. (Which makes sense as only tourists want to buy sunscreen. And they are willing to pay a looot for many things… 80 Dirham (~8 Euro) for Couscous [half of that would be more appropriate].) Although it was sunny, it didn’t seem to be a pressing need to use sunscreen in Marrakech either. Most of the time, I was more or less completely dressed anyways.

But then, I arrived in Agadir. First thing I did, I went to a kiosk to buy sunscreen. But I mean seriously, 140 Dirham (~14 Euro) for normal sunscreen? In addition I didn’t have enough money with me and still had to eat as well. Thus I asked the shop owner if he had something cheaper. My Moroccan friend told me that argan oil works the same way. It’s for “prendre du soleil”. Yeah, that’s what I wanted, I thought.

Turns out, no, it was not what I wanted. According to the shop guy everybody (meaning not only Moroccans (who don’t really seem to like sunbathing anyways)) uses this for going in the sun. After making a scene because I’m f***ing red, my whole body hurts and probably you will see my t-shirt for the rest of the summer on my skin, I got at least Aloe vera creme and After sun lotion for free. Worth 140 Dirham. I still wish I would have spent the 140 Dirham for sunscreen yesterday, but well. A lesson that I learned. Argan oil is not equal to sunscreen.

‘Is this your first time in Agadir?’ he asked me.
-‘No, the second time.’
‘And the first time you didn’t become red?’
-‘No, because I used sunscreen (instead of argan oil).’
‘You don’t like to be red?’
-‘No, because it hurts and it’s not healthy. It gives you cancer.’ (Actually it also makes you look like a Cancer but nevermind…)
‘But it’s normal, everybody becomes red before they get bronced.’

Yeah, no, I don’t really think that’s the way to go.

Lesson 1 in basic health education:
It is not normal to become red (=sunburned) in order to get a tan. 

Seems like we had a little misunderstanding and argan oil rather makes you red. In my defense, the internet does recognize argan oil as “natural sunscreen” (apparently didn’t really work). It also says it’s good if you’re sunburned, so buying it was at least not completey pointless. A good tip I got from a homepage about what you should do when you are sunburned: Don’t go in the sun again. Just imagine, you were in a Muslim country and had to go out only completely veiled.
Irony of fate, I’d say. 

Talking about prices, Agadir is really expensive. All the waiters tell me, but you’re from Germany (after asking if I’m Moroccan or French, Russian or Polish, and then finally going for German), there you also pay those prices. Öh, yes, but here are also lots of things not the way they are in Germany, so I don’t see a reason why I should pay German prices here. Especially if the prices are in no relation to the foodcosts. One waiter whome I told that his food (yeah, I know, it’s not exactly his food and he can’t really influence the prices, but he’s the one who’s trying to talk me into going to that particular restaurant) was completely overpriced offered to invite me, so that I don’t have to pay those exaggerated prices. Well, no thanks, that’s also not really what I want. Plus, I can still pay my food by myself. I just don’t WANT to pay that much. But I’m surprised about the number of people who actually ask me if I was Moroccan when I complain about prices not being Moroccan….Seems like my French/Darrija (Moroccan Arabic)/English-Mix is quite convincing. 


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