What is the value of life?

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IMG_4402(It looks like our heads have been Photoshopped into this picture – but that’s the result of playing around with an iPhone.)

In just a matter of a days, I’ve stood witness to both ends of the sliding scale measuring the value of life. Last weekend I listened to a story of incredulous faith and hope, which stood against all hope, of a couple who invested in the impossible: providing residential care for victims of horrendous trauma. These young girls were trafficked for sex and left broken, fragile and hardened. This couple’s choice to care for these girls has already required over a decade of commitment and costly investment, and the work is not finished. But today, I also watched the incredible audacity of a man abandoning his own nephew in shame: his flesh and blood relative stigmatized by the red blooded stamp of HIV.

How is it possible for…

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