Women’s Day? No, thanks.

Repost from MoroccoWorldNews:

by Sanae Elaji

Rabat- Once per year, the world celebrates women; for a week, or a little less, we talk only about women. Our media classify these women, some according to their influence, others according to their beauty, and others according to their fortune.

Some of our great institutions offer flowers, chocolate or other gifts for women. Our civil society organizes many debates, colloquium, lectures, and conferences regarding the woman, and her role in the society in addition to the question of quotas.

And after March 8th we go back to our habits like nothing happened.

Harassment starts again, rapes multiply, domestic violence in public spaces resurfaces, and negative behavior comes back in many forms.

Most of the men return to their simplistic stereotypes for women and their bodies, and a significant number of women remain with the same ideas about their femininity, their bodies, and their function.

Then, many men and women think that the primary cause of harassment is the woman’s clothing. It’s the same as blaming a bottle of alcohol for the consumer’s addiction since it is the bottle that attracts him. Similarly, why doesn’t anybody blame a stolen mobile phone or a stolen coin purse full of money, as these objects aroused the desire of the thief?

Read the whole article here.


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