Why do you think women get harassed in the streets of Egypt?

Shocking answers of Egyptian school boys about why women get harassed on the streets.

Some examples are:

“About the harassment of women in the street, it’s usually the girl’s fault because sometimes they are strolling around in tight clothes which reveal their bodies.”

“If a girl is wearing a niqab, I can’t harass her.”

“They (the girls) want to be harassed!”

“The clothes they wear forces people in the street to harass them.”

“A respectable girl walks quickly, but some girls don’t, they slow down reaching a group of guys as if she wants to be harassed and that this verbal harassment feeds her confidence and ego.”

I find those answers very shocking, especially how the boys can believe that girls with hijab are not being harassed or that tight clothes are the reason for harassment or that girls experience it as a compliment to be harassed. There is just so much wrong with the answers of the boys; it’s mind-blowing to me.

My response:


“The stress and fear he felt walking the streets as a woman is something he wouldn’t wish on anyone!”

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3 Responses to Why do you think women get harassed in the streets of Egypt?

  1. Akriti says:

    Some people in that part of the world are really unaware.

  2. Monad says:

    Its not a question of unawareness, rather the issue of religious immorality. Consider that, the religion tells both men and women to dress modestly and ascend as human beings from their animalistic ideals. But at the same time, western media influence is teaching the youth that, women who dress in this manner are tatty and open to sexual encounter with ease. This same behavior is noticeable in the west, especially at the beach or even during the summer time. Observer the young teens and even old men, starring down at the women with the best bodies and least clothing. This is why here in the west, young girls have a poor self image, because sex sells. And this idea that sex sells, gives the youth in the east the wrong impression of clothing. And true, many men who are uneducated will use any excuse in their favor and harrasment in their eyes were as a deterrent. Big subject 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Thank you, Monad, for your comment. I totally agree with you that unawareness is not the problem, especially as those are kids. It’s much more a problem of patriarchy and a societal issue which goes a lot deeper.

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