Love me without complex

“Doing what you want is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.”

Don’t we all want freedom and happiness? Sometimes this standard seems to be something that is hard to attain. Filled with external expectations we have a hard time to figure out what we even want to do. Finding then something that you love doing seems to be one of the biggest challenges. First world problems? Yes, maybe. But first world problems are not less relevant to our own lives. We are a generation that keeps on searching for the job that we want to love and enjoy doing, even have fun while working. Our parents’ and grandparents’ generation was happy to have any job, having fun while working was not necessarily something they were looking for. Similarly, we search for THE one in our relationships. Floating around, trying to find ourselves while searching for happiness in work, we look for our soulmate. The one person that can be everything to us, friend, lover, discussion partner, training partner, who shares our passions and understands us from inside out without us having to explain ourselves. And what then? Are we going to be happy and satisfied when we have the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect children, the perfect body (according to an arbitrary and for most people almost impossible to achieve standard of beauty)?


Or do we not just feel tired, even if we managed to fulfil all expectations? Can we even fulfil all expectations that we feel? Be that perfect person with the perfect life? Does it not make us a lot happier to accept the failures, the flaws, and the imperfections and love them for being the rawest illustration of life that there is? Life is not perfect, it’s not flawless and we cannot control it. We can give our best to be the best kind of person that we can be but this person will always remain as imperfect as life and we should love ourselves for those imperfections that make us unique. Loving ourselves with our imperfections will always be the key to our happiness.

This is a beautiful poem sung by Kadhem Al Saher (English translation follows):

كاظم الساهر – أحبيني بلا عقد (إلى تلميذة) النسخة الأصلية

أحبيني بلا عقد…
وضيعي في خطوط يدي..
أحبيني لإسبوع.. لأيام … لساعات…
فلستُ أنا الذي يهتمُ بالأبد
أحبيني … أحبيني… أحبيني

تعالي و اسقطي مطرا
على عطشي و صحرائي
وذوبي في فمي كالشمع
وانعجني بأجزائي

أحبيني بطهري أو بأخطائي
و غطيني .. أيا سقفا من الأزهار
يا غابات حناءِ..
أنا رجلٌ بلا قدر ٍ فكوني أنتِ لي قدري

أحبيني ولا تتساءلي كيفا …
ولا تتلعثمي خجلا… ولا تتساقطي خوفا…
كوني البحر و الميناء
كوني الأرض و المنفى
كوني الصحو و الإعصار
كوني اللين و العنفا
أحبيني معذبتي…
وذوبي في الهوا مثلي كما شئتي..
أحبيني بعيدا عن بلاد القهر و الكبتِ
بعيدا عن مدينتنا التي شبعت من الموتِ
أحبيني… أحبيني … أحبيني

Love me

Love me without complex
and be lost in my hand’s lines
love me, for weeks, for days, for hours
Its not me who cares about the eternity
Love me.. love me.. love me

Come here and drop like a rain
on my thirst and desert
And melt in my mouth like a candle
and masticate me, all my parts
Love me

Love me with my purity or with my faults
And cover me, oh a roof made of roses
Oh you are forests of henna
I’m a man without a fate, so become my fate
Love me

Love me, and don’t ask how
and don’t bumble shyly, and don’t fall fearfully
Be the sea and the harbor
Be the earth and the relegation
Be the wakefulness and the cyclone
Be the softness and the hardness
Love me, my torturer
And melt in the love like me as you wish
Love me away from the country of sadness and repression
Away from our city which is saturated from death
Love me….love me…love me

Lyrics and translation are not mine but I found them here.

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