For a world of tolerance and acceptance!

Who could embody this more than the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Conchita Wurst?

This is the spirit of Eurovision, glitter, fireworks and being how you want to be. I write this post in answer to all the criticism that has arisen towards the bearded Austrian drag-queen who won yesterday’s final in Copenhagen.

When will people finally stop other people to tell how they should be? Gender norms don’t make life easier for anyone. Girls are told how girls should behave, boys are told how boys should behave and in the end everybody is pressed into the corsett of strict gender norms/roles. Here is an example about the problems that men have with the strict enforcement of what masculinity is because I hope we can all imagine clearly what problems women have to fight (otherwise here is one illustration and another one to exemplify the objectification of women….).

By now people should have learned that there is more than straight men and straight women, but a variety of different individuals who all deserve to choose their identity and their goals in life, whatever those may be!

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