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ISIS – The Inside Story – by Martin Chulov

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/dec/11/-sp-isis-the-inside-story?CMP=share_btn_fb In the summer of 2004, a young jihadist in shackles and chains was walked by his captors slowly into the Camp Bucca prison in southern Iraq. He was nervous as two American soldiers led him through three brightly-lit buildings … Continue reading

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America still clueless about Islam?

by Amer Zahr from the CivilArab The events of the past couple weeks have confirmed something we Arabs and Muslims have known for some time: America is still clueless about Islam. Now, I’m a Palestinian Arab Christian Muslim American. My parents … Continue reading

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I Understand Why Westerners Are Joining Jihadi Movements Like ISIS. I Was Almost One of Them

Regarding the news about ISIS in which its members are represented as non-human, I think it’s important to look on the other side and try to understand why Westerners are joining them in fact. From Alternet By Michael Muhammad Knight … Continue reading

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Purity Balls as ways of keeping women under control

Great article by Julianne Ross from PolicyMic.com “‘At this point, you’re married to the Lord, and your father is your boyfriend.’ So says Pastor Ron Johnson to his 12-year-old daughter Caroline, before placing a ring on her left finger. Johnson … Continue reading

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