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America still clueless about Islam?

by Amer Zahr from the CivilArab The events of the past couple weeks have confirmed something we Arabs and Muslims have known for some time: America is still clueless about Islam. Now, I’m a Palestinian Arab Christian Muslim American. My parents … Continue reading

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Why Muslims should love secularism

From NOW. by Hussain Ibish Why Muslims should love secularism Though secularism is widely misunderstood as anti-religious and iconoclastic, all it means is the neutrality of the state on religious affairs Muslims should love secularism. But very few of them … Continue reading

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Egyptian Iman goes to church

I want to share with you this video that my Egyptian friend Manal Elnayal sent to me because she wanted to show me that there are more people like us who believe in a peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians … Continue reading

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